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About Us


Who we are

SECG is a Singapore-based group of highly experienced education policy-makers, practitioners and trainers who between them cover the whole spectrum from early-childhood education, primary, secondary, tertiary and TVET. All of us have international consulting experience. In particular, we have worked in Asia and the Middle East in education reform, teacher preparation and professional development.

Prof S Gopinathan

Prof S Gopinathan, Principal Consultant

In a career spanning over four decades, Prof S. Gopinathan has been extensively involved in Singapore’s education policy and practice planning, and in teacher education. He served as the Dean of the School of Education/ National Institute of Education, Singapore from 1994–2000 and was appointed Professor of Education in April 1999. He is presently an Adjunct Professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS. He is a founding member of the Singapore Education Research Association.

He has served as a consultant to the World Bank, Unesco, Unicef, the Commonwealth of Learning, the Hong Kong Institute of Education, the University Brunei Darusaalam and the Aga Khan University Institute of Education (Pakistan). In the Middle East, he was Lead Consultant for the establishment of the Emirates College for Advanced Education in Abu Dhabi and the Bahrain Teachers College in Bahrain, and was a consultant to Tatweer in KSA. He also advised on the establishment of the Sampoerna School of Education in Indonesia, and is currently consultant to the Singapore International Schools Group in Indonesia.

His latest publications are Education and the Nation State, Routledge 2012 and Globalization and the Singapore Curriculum, Springer 2013. 

Dr N Varaprasad

Dr N Varaprasad, Principal Consultant

Dr N Varaprasad has over 38 years experience in higher education, equally split between polytechnic-level education and university education. He was the founding Principal/CEO of the highly innovative Temasek Polytechnic and Deputy President at the National University of Singapore. He later became CEO of the National Library Board for a further six years, overseeing the National Library and the network of public libraries in Singapore.

His extensive experience covers technical and higher education and management, as well as library management. He is concurrently Adjunct Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).

He is the recipient of many awards from governments and professional societies, including the Singapore Public Administration Medal (Gold). 

His latest book "50 Years of Technical Education in Singapore - How to Build a World-class TVET System" was published in 2016.

Our Promise - Together with you, we help Improve Education

We provide professional development of educators at all levels and international consulting services


We offer a professional and value for money service covering the following areas: 

  • Policy formulation and implementation
  • Design and implementation of educational pathways
  • School reform strategies
  • Teacher education and professional development
  • ICT strategies
  • Early childhood education
  • STEM education
  • Entrepreneurship education
  • Higher Education Leadership and Management
  • Technical and Vocational Education

Our pool of experienced consultants will be happy to discuss and understand  your requirements thoroughly before making a proposal.


Contact Us

Singapore Education Consulting Group

3 Farrer Drive, Singapore 259276, Singapore

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Our Training Programmes


Institutional Leadership

- Academic Leadership in Times of Change

- Performace Appraisal of Academic Staff

- Policies for Enhancing Teacher Competencies

- Teachers as Reflective Professionals

School Leadership

- The Challenge to Improve Schools in the 21st Century

- 21st Century School Leadership 

- Schools as Learning Organisations

- Building Effective Performance Management Systems

Pedagogy and Technology

- Progressive Instructional Strategies for Integrating 21C Skills

- Effectively Engaging Students in the Classroom

- Addressing Student Needs through Differentiated Instruction

- Designing Meaningful ICT-integrated Lessons

Subject Pedagogy

- Teaching Multiple Literacies

- Teaching 2nd Language Vocabulary Development

- Mathematics Education Strategies

- Preventing and Overcoming Maths Learning Issues

Early Childhood Education

- Code of Ethics for ECE

- Tech Toys in Pre-school classrooms

- Family and Community Engagement

- Mentoring ECE Teachers

- Multiple Intelligence Theory

- Sensory Motor Development

- Children with Special Needs

- Mentoring Programme for ECE Leaders

Beginning Teachers

- ICT for Teaching and Learning

- Assessing Student Learning

- Classroom Behaviour Management

- Student Development and the Learning Process

- Key Skills for Instructional Effectiveness

Our Consulting Services


The Singapore Education Brand

Singapore has established a global reputation for its educational planning, standards and delivery across the whole spectrum, from pre-primary to post secondary and higher education. Major international competitive assessments show that Singapore students score highly not only in mathematics and science but also in creative problem-solving and group work.

In technical education, Singapore is recognised alongside Switzerland and Germany as having one of the most rigorous yet efficient training systems geared to economic development. As a result of ITEs and polytechnics, Singapore enjoys ine of the lowest youth unemployment rates in the world.

Singapore Education Consulting Group (SECG)

Education is seen as the engine for social and economic development in both developed and developing countries. Many policy makers and planners deem the Singapore model as worthy of study, emulation and adaptation for their own countries. To meet this challenge, the most experienced and successful educators in Singapore have come together to form the Singapore Education Consulting Group, to provide a full-spectrum consulting service to ministries, institutions, schools and educational agencies.

Scope of Services

- Skills Gap Analysis

- School System Reform

- Early Childhood Education

- Higher Education Development

- Library Planning and Operations

- Innovative Learning Technologies

- Policy Planning and Development

- School Planning and Improvement

- Technical and Vocational Education (TVET)

- Educational Leadership Development

- Educational Quality Assurance

- Initial Teacher Training and Professional Development

- English, Mathematics, Science curriculum development

- Higher Education Leadership Development

- Resource Management in HE

Our Clients

Among our clients have been

- Royal Diwan of the Sultanate of Oman

- The World Bank (projects in Mauritius, and Rwanda)

- Emirate of Abu Dhabi 

- Bahrain

- Indonesia

- Brunei Darusalaam

- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

- Australian and New Zealand School of Government

- Private school chain in Indonesia

and others

Our Values

Our Values

SECG experts strive to provide the highest quality professional services to result in meaningful and measurable progress to meet our client needs and goals.

Integrity is our cornerstone in pursuit of excellence.

We work in collaboration with clients to ensure that educational strategies and practices introduced are viable and sustainable long after the consultancy period.

Senior Consultant

Anita Nazareth

Dr Anita Nazareth

Dr. Anita Nazareth holds a B.Sc. Honours degree from the National University of Singapore, and an M.Ed (1982) and a PhD (1984) in Education Planning and Management from the Centre for International Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst USA. 

Anita is currently an independent consultant with over 30 years’ experience working in the education development and training sectors. 

She has conducted professional development programs for pre-service and in-service teachers as well as Academic Advisors, school heads and private university faculty in several countries. Her work experiences include full-time advisory, management and research positions with: The Abu Dhabi Education Zone, U.A.E. (2001-06); The Commonwealth Secretariat (London, U.K.- 1991-96); The World Bank (Washington D.C.-1982-90); and SEAMEO-INNOTECH (Manila, The Philippines -1979-81) as well as with the Governments of Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Uganda, United Arab Emirates and Oman. 

She is an advocate of innovative skills upgrading of educators capable of promoting a Positive Mindset in all learners and incorporating 21st Century skills through world-class content in curriculum at all academic levels to result is global- savvy citizens ready to meet the evolving needs of a competitive work place.

Associate Consultants


Who are our Associates?

Our Associates team is drawn internationally, comprising of school principals, curriculum specialists, and technical specialists, hand-picked for their knowledge and hands on implementation experience. 

Dr Lim Lai Cheng

School Development and Adult Training

Dr R Subramaniam

Science Education

Mr Jumaat Masdawood

  School Leadership Development

Dr Edmund Lim

   Teacher Development



Dr Uma Natarajan

   ICT in Teaching and Learning

Dr Pereira Mendoza

  Mathematics Curriculum Specialist

Dr Christne Chen

   Early Childhood specialist

Dr Yang Chien-Hui

  Early Childhood and Special Needs

Dr S Vanitha

English Curriculum Specialist

More consultants are available on request

Contact Us

Feel free to email us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Singapore Education Consulting Group

3 Farrer Drive, Singapore 259276, Singapore

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